is a full-service contractor that specializes in the design, installation, inspections, testing, and maintenance of all types of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems and Components.


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Automated Fire Protection is a full-service contractor that provides design, installation, inspections, testing, and maintenance services for all types of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems and Components.

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We Are Always Ready To Help Your Problems

Fire Extinguishers

Tenant Improvements

Hi-Ex & Lo-Ex Foam Systems

Electric & Diesel Fire Pump

Dry & Wet Standpipe System

Dry Agent & NOVAC System

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Dry, Pre-action & Deluge System

Reg. 4 and Title 19 Inspections

High Pile Storage Plan and Permit

BIM Modeling & MEPS Coordination

Fire Alarm design, Installation & Maintenance


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Our mission as a fire protection company is to protect lives and property from fire; to protect your home, family, business, valuables, and everything you cherish. Automated Fire Protection is striving to become a full-service, world-class fire protection organization because this is our mission. AFP offers a wide range of fire protection services and life safety products.

Tenant Improvements

Renovations are common in office buildings, hotels, schools, and retail parks. During renovations, your fire sprinkler system will almost always need to be redesigned to fit the new layout. This is necessary to ensure that, in the event of a fire, the new layout will provide the best possible coverage, with the fire sprinkler system functioning exactly as intended. If you have any questions about tenant improvement, please contact Automated Fire Protection right away to speak with a trained fire safety professional.

Hi-Ex & Lo-Ex Foam Systems

A foam deluge system that delivers the foam solution (foam concentrate and water mixture) to a discharge device known as a hi-ex foam generator is referred to as a high expansion foam system. Hi-Ex Foam concentrate and water are mixed in the proper proportions to form a foam solution using various methods. This solution flows to the Hi-Ex Foam Generator, which is powered by water, and is discharged through a nozzle onto a fine mesh stainless steel screen.

Electric & Diesel Fire Pump

During a fire, both electric and diesel fire pumps supply enough water to fire sprinklers throughout a facility. So, what exactly are the distinctions between electric and diesel fire pumps? The applications, maintenance and cost, and lifespan of electric and diesel fire pumps are some of the key differences.

Dry Agent & NOVAC System

When a fire is detected early, our intelligence logic system protects people, the environment, and assets by automatically activating the gas-based fire suppression system. It is made up of natural and neutral chemical agents that combine gas and water. There are two types:

People and the environment are reliably protected by the innovative extinguishing agent. It is not corrosive or conductive, and it will not harm sensitive equipment. There are no transport restrictions because the agent is non-tonic, non-flammable, and non-explosive.

HFC 227 EA
This is a highly effective extinguishing agent with a low concentration. It is chemically inert and has no electric conductivity, making it suitable for use with electrical equipment. Because it is chemically stable, it can be used and stored repeatedly.

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